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National Organization of African Americans in Housing (NOAAH) is a national non-profit membership organization that promotes its members and supporting collaborators through organizing and disseminating educational events, publication, local and national conferences, and facilitate/work to build consensus within the affordable housing industry.

Colorado Housing News Update

March 2023:  Colorado lawmakers send to  Senate chambers HB23-1771, Thebill requires than landlords (property owners) could only evict or terminate residential leases if the tenant does something wrong, such as failing to pay rent, violating lease agreements, committing illegal activity, refusing to let the landlord enter the property with advanced notice, and refusing to sign a new but substantially similar lease, among other conditions. 

Landlords could evict or terminate leases in certain no-fault circumstances, such as to renovate or demolish the property or to move themselves or their family into the property. However, in these cases, the landlord would have to give the tenant 90 days’ notice and pay the tenant two to three months’ worth of rent to help them pay for new housing.

March 2023: Rent control is being debated in the Colorado legislature. HB23-1115 This bill repeals statutory provisions prohibiting counties and municipalities from enacting any ordinance or resolution that would control rent on private residential property or a private residential housing unit (rent control) and sets the following guidelines for the enactment of rent control.

March 2023: Proposition 123 implementation requirements  are currently being reviewed and discussed among local governments, stakeholders and interested citizens. Proposition 123 seeks to provide Several hundred million dollars for affordable housing will become available in the second half of 2023 due to the enactment of the  proposition. The funding will be overseen by and may be granted or loaned to the following types of organizations:

  • Non-profits
  • Community land trusts
  • Private entities
  • Local governments

Organizations are only eligible for this funding if their project or program take place in cities or counties that have committed to increasing their affordable housing stock above a baseline amount. Stakeholders should regularly visit this site to find explanatory articles and resources, and to offer feedback that shapes future materials, policies, and procedures relating to affordable housing commitments, and funding programs overseen by the Department of Local Affairs.

March 2023: ALERT! Colorado homeowners, no longer protected by the Gallagher Amendment, face unprecedented and unsettling increases in their property taxes next year as the run-up in home prices during the pandemic works its way into the state’s tax base.

County assessors in late April will mail out valuation notices based on property values as of June 30, 2022, which also happens to be close to when state housing values shot up. For example, someone paying $6,000 a year in property taxes who faces a 50% increase, which could happen in some mountain counties, will have to pay $3,000 more a year. Not only is that extra amount levied going forward, but the shortfall from taxes collected in 2022 once the bill arrives in 2023 must also be collected. And if that weren’t enough, higher home values also mean higher home insurance premiums.

March 2023: The recent collapse of the national and Colorado housing market and subsequent recession has been particularly devastating to the Black community. Not only has the homeownership rate plummeted, but, accessing mortgage credit has become nearly impossible outside of government insured programs such as the FHA and VA. Unemployment also remains high, in the double digits for Blacks, and vacant and abandoned properties clutter our communities.

The SHIBA Report (SHIBA) is the acronym used to represent our focus on the State of Housing in Black America  and is designed to shed light on many of the issues centered on foreclosure mitigation, neighborhood blight, and disaster recovery for Blacks. More importantly, NAREB has endorsed several policy initiatives in this report. You can read the full SHIBA Report here

Latest Local News Bulletin

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Park Hill Golf Course Update

March 2023

NOAAH Members and Supporters,

This past January the Denver city council voted to send its citizens a ballot measure to determine the redevelopment of the defunct Park Hill Golf Course. While the effort to revitalize the site goes back years, on April 4th Denver voters will go to the polls to submit their preference for homes and parks. Questions? Click here for answers.

Westside Investment Partners and the Holleran Group, the Denver-based companies that owns the 155-acre site formerly operating as the Park Hill Golf Course, is sharing its legally binding development agreement with the City and County of Denver. The far-reaching agreement commits Westside to several terms and conditions that will govern future redevelopment of the proposed mixed-use community in northeast Denver, a traditionally African American quadrant of the city. The agreement delivers on a community-voiced priority by affirming that these obligations remain in place even if the land is ever sold in whole or in part.

The Former Park Hill Golf Course Site

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In the mid-1990’s it was recognized and accepted that an organization should exist which would simultaneously assist the efforts of affordable housing consumers and practitioners of color. In 1998 such an organization was formed. Originally called the National Organization of African Americans in Housing, or NOAAH, the organization’s membership included, residents of public and affordable housing, professionals working the delivery and maintenance of affordable and public housing and those that provide services to the same.

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