Colorado Statehouse Debates Evictions, Finally

State lawmakers are one step closer to passing a bill to protect renters from being unfairly evicted.

The “just cause” eviction bill passed in the House by a vote of 38-26. The purpose of the bill is to protect renters from evictions based on a landlord’s whims, retaliation and discrimination.

The bill only allows an eviction if a tenant:

  • Fails to pay rent after the landlord provides written notice
  • Commits a serious lease violation without making corrections within 10 days of receiving written notice
  • Refuses to allow the landlord to enter the property after 72 hours of written notice
  • Or refuses to sign a new rental agreement with terms that are basically identical to the current one.

The bill also permits some no-fault evictions for construction or repairs, but the landlord must provide two months’ rent worth of relocation assistance or three months for low-income renters and others who qualify for special assistance.

There are certain exemptions for small landlords and short-term rentals.

Every tenant should be aware of their rights and document any problems and communication with their landlord.

The bill now goes to the Colorado state senate for further legislative action.

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